The IFEIT foundation is a no profit organization which has the specific mission to promote and sustain the progress in the field of hemapheresis , innovative therapies based on cells and/or their components and advanced diagnostics related to these biomedical areas. IFEIT contributes to widen and improve the knowledge, research and quality in these areas cooperating and sustaining scientific societies and sectorial industries to create a proper scientific, organizing and technology background that may favour the permanent development of the field. In this first phase of its activity, IFEIT will promote and disseminate a sectorial "quality standard" for Therapeutic Hemapheresis ("Therapeutic Apheresis UnIt ", TAU standard ) which will introduce an organizing model based on quality in clinical units that applies therapeutic hemapheresis in various medical disciplines and areas with no any limits for TAU standard application based on or related to clinical specialties. The TAU standard has been initially created on the model of a TAU operating in a transfusional area but may be translated to any unit involved in clinical apheresis just remodulating "ad hoc" the volume of annual activity in terms of procedure number that, in the case of the nephrology medical area, should be cumulated with number of those carried out for dyalisis. Armonization with "contiguous" standards has been carefully assured so that stem cell collections are just censored to quantify the annual global activity of a given TAU ( when applicable) but they are leaved under the control of the international JACIE-FACT acceditation system. In the same, way TAU standard cannot be applied to advanced therapies or other cell-based therapies which are regulated by rules and directives for "good manufacturing practice" (GMP) or specific european and national directives.

Fondazione ifeit - International Foundation for Hemapheresis and Innovative Therapies and Diagnostic
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